Difference Between Chinos and Trousers Pants

difference between chinos and trousers

Chinos and trousers are two dissimilar types of men’s pants. Which you can wear on different occasions by styling it according to your ideas. But a lot of people do not know the difference between chinos and trousers and they thought both of them as the same pants.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you about chinos vs trousers in detail. So that you will easily identify chinos and trousers difference.

Difference between chinos and trousers

Both the pants have their own uniqueness which makes them stand out for styling. That’s why we have told the speciality of both one by one, so it will be easy for you to understand what the main difference between chinos and trousers is.

Chinos Pants

chinos pants

Chinos pants were made for the soldiers of British and French in the 19th century. This later got a lot of popularity from the general public as well.

A material called twill fabric is used to make chinos pants. Which you can also called 100% cotton. Chinos pants are much easier to identify. You have to look at the rise of the pants to know it. This is always shorter than trousers pants.

Also, you get a maximum of three pockets in chinos and these pants are always straight or slim fit.Talking about chinos colours, you can get to see chinos in almost every color.

You can style it according to running fashion and wear it in both formal and casual look.

Trouser Pants

trousers pants

Trousers are considering under formal pant. In which there are always 4 or more pockets and some pockets are always hidden.

The most important thing about trousers is that you get to see them in many materials. Such as cotton, silk, linen and Khadi. There are two types of trouser pants. One of which is formal trousers and the other is casual trousers.

 Formal trousers are those in which there is no design of any kind. They are completely plain in which the same color cloth is used.

On the other hand, in casual trousers, you also get different designs on the top of the pants, which give it a gentleman look. You can wear the trousers for party, function or any formal events or even for the office.


In this article, Aristitch have tried to tell you information about both chinos vs trousers one by one. After reading which you must have got an idea that what is the difference between chinos and trousers.

If your doubt is cleared after reading this article, then do not forget to share this article and tell which of these two pants you like the most by commenting below.


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